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How Do DJ Controllers Work?

How Do DJ Controllers Work

Have you ever wondered how DJs do all those mixes seemingly without effort? You’ve seen them at parties and clubs in front a gadget, turning knobs and adjusting sliders. What they’re using is a DJ controller and it is what allows a DJ to make magic with their music. As technology has evolved, so have […]

Which DJ Controller Should You Buy?

Which DJ Controller Should You Buy

So, you want to play DJ but can’t decide what to buy? That’s the dilemma a lot of aspiring DJs are facing as there are so many to choose from. While some may to custom build their gear, there are many all-in-one solutions so an aspiring or home DJ can quickly get started. Let’s take […]

How to Connect A DJ Controller to Your Speakers

How to Connect A DJ Controller to Your Speakers

As a DJ, there is a very good chance that you will need to learn how to connect a DJ controller to speakers. Although, in many cases, the best DJs have a dedicated sound engineer helping them out, but when you are just starting out, you may not have the kind of money that is […]

How to Set Up Your DJ Controller for A Gig

How to Set Up Your DJ Controller for A Gig

In almost every case, you will find that the manufacturing company has highlighted express technical instructions on how to set up the DJ controller you just bought. While these instructions are easy enough to follow and, if push comes to shove, you can always turn to tech support or YouTube; however, it is not always […]

How to Use A DJ Controller

How to Use A DJ Controller

We’ll be honest with you; using a DJ controller is not as easy as just pressing a bunch of buttons and waiting for the magic to happen. Yes, it does involve the pressing of some buttons, but a talented DJ does a lot more than just that and stare at the crowd. Knowing how to […]

Should I Buy A DJ Controller?

Should I Buy A DJ Controller

Experienced DJs will tell you that life was so much more adventurous back then when people used vinyl and even CDs. Of course, the old and golden ways will always be something to look back and marvel at, but as time marches on, so does technology. Today, you do not have to carry heavy boxes […]

What is A DJ Controller?

What is A DJ Controller

In the old days, DJs had a turntable where they would lay their selected vinyl and do a whole lot of beat timing to achieve the kind of sound they want. Today, instead of the turntable with a needle, we have DJ controllers. So, what is a DJ controller? Simply put, it’s a modern-day turntable. […]