Hercules Instinct S Party Pack DJ Controller Review

Hercules Instinct S Party Pack DJ Controller Review

Are you looking for a DJ controller that’s easy enough for a beginner to use, but still has lots of power and features? The Hercules Instinct S Party Pack is one controller that’s designed for that, at least that’s the claim. Is the Instinct S really suited for the novice DJ but won’t lack for features? Let’s start by checking out its main features.

Hercules Instinct S Party Pack DJ Controller Features

  • This 2-deck DJ controller comes with pressure-sensitive jog wheels for responsive scratching
  • The Instinct S has an intuitively designed layout for easy use: on the left and right are the deck controls and the mixer in the center
  • There are audio outputs for track previews and the mixes
  • The Instinct S is ergonomically designed so it is comfortable to use
  • DJUCED 18 Degree software is included so you can mix immediately
  • The design allows for on the fly mixing of two tracks
  • You can save audio mixes as standalone files


  • Jog wheels respond very well
  • Easy to set up
  • Compatible with Virtual DJ 8


  • More suited for beginners than advanced DJs
  • Fader knob design could be more durable

Performance and usage

The Instinct S is a good option for beginners and the hobbyist as its performance is consistent. The controller has a nice solid feel and installation is easy. This is real plug and play and the software setup is also quick; the software shows the aspiring DJ the fundamentals, and the party light is a nice touch.

One of the problems with entry-level DJ controllers is the quality, as they are suited only for home use. While you can use the Instinct S at home, it is good enough for small gigs. Even a professional DJ will find this useful as a backup.

The Instinct S also strikes the right balance between ergonomics and weight. It’s one of the lighter controllers and it’s compact too. The software and the controller work well together, as the knobs, buttons and sliders respond quickly with little latency. Being able to mix songs on the fly is a good thing and the save function is crucial.

The jog wheels let you scratch like with a vinyl. Just press on it and you’ll get the results you want. You also use the jog wheels for tracks browsing and pitch bend control. The rest of the controls are well placed so at a glance, you’ll know what to do. The mixer controls are standard, and the deck controls beside it are properly implemented too.

As you might expect, there are RCA outputs for speakers, and the results are exceptionally good. The LED light is a nice touch and really adds to the party atmosphere. If you have never played DJ before, all the controls may seem challenging; however, the Instinct S is actually one of the easier models to work with.

The DJUCED software is appropriate for beginners; it is well integrated, with the controller and software complementing each other. Every adjustment you make on the controller is relayed to the software so you can easily mix and save.

The bottom line: The Instinct S does what a starter DJ controller should. It isn’t going to confound beginners, but it does have a lot of features to get you started on mixing. The results are pretty good and the Instinct S offers a better performance compared to other DJ controllers.

Should you buy it?

Some DJ controllers have become so complex they’re inaccessible except for the most advanced user. The Instinct S is one we can recommend to the beginner try out. What we like about it is you get access to all the controls and features without constantly checking the user guide.

The Instinct S is also durable; most controllers aimed at beginners tend to break down after a few uses, but the Instinct S holds up well. The ergonomic design also means a DJ won’t tire even if he/she uses the controller for extended periods.

Finally, we have to say the DJUCED software is the ideal complement for the controller. It has a lot of the essential features that an aspiring DJ will need. For all its features, the software is very accessible and works well with the controller. There are a lot of DJ controller starter kits, but the Instinct S is one of best as it offers a good, solid package.


The Instinct S is not the most powerful DJ controller, but for beginners and those who are into casual DJ’ing, it won’t disappoint. This isn’t the device for the advanced DJ, but if you are starting out and want to know what it’s like to scratch and mix, the Instinct S will get you on the right path toward DJ’ing.

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